Our holistic JOLT programs give you the tools to thrive - mindfully, playfully and with Self Intelligence.  

For organizations or teams, JOLT engages your people actively in their own wellbeing, personal efficacy and Self Intelligence, increasing their performance and engagement at work so you all collectively thrive. 

Results: +275% R.O.I  

Asset funding firm Quadrent took on JOLT to meet large sales targets with relatively small human resource. They got more than they expected.

Martyn Masterson - "Since JOLT, we've made more new business in six months than we have in the last three years."

For you, JOLT will bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be with your Health, Wealth and Relationships. JOLT your self to safely extend your comfort zone and get on purpose.

Results: -20kg (44lbs)

Gayle took on JOLT Challenge with her colleagues at work. For JOLT Gayle decided to make her health her focus. Her results have been incredible. 

Gayle Theunissen - “…I lost 20 kilos. JOLT Challenge made me feel I was worth it”

For training providers, JOLT will give you a competitive advantage extending the life time value of your customers, by delivering the most progressive Self Intelligence programs globally, for positive change.

JOLT Challenge is where it started for us and it is where it can start for you.

This comprehensive guide to Self Intelligence is a rich collection of knowledge, trivia, quotes and stories and forms an integral part of our 9week program.

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JOLT is endorsed by

Dr. Stephen R. Covey - Best selling author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” 

Edward de Bono - World-renowned expert in creativity and inventor of the term lateral thinking and Six Thinking Hats. 

Professor Francesco Sofo - Author of 'Open Your Mind'  says “JOLT Challenge is thoroughly practical, easy to read and delightful, yes, full of delight. 


JOLT Challenge is a universal program.

Because of our whole person, east meets west approach, you would have to undertake several other programs together to gain the equivalent tools and knowledge you will find in JOLT Challenge. 

A fascinating program. Definitely the most comprehensive compilation of personal change techniques that I have ever come across.”
— Phillip Mills - CEO, Les Mills International

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