JOLT Experience

Victoria Crone - XERO

"JOLT has had a huge impact in all areas of my life, personally, professionally, and even with my children. The key difference with JOLT is that it truly embeds positive behavior."

Guy Alexander - Chorus

"The biggest thing I learnt was being more self aware and how my actions affect others. I wish I'd done JOLT years ago at school." 

Helen Amituanai - Mighty River Power

"JOLT changed my life. It unlocked so much in myself that I didn't even know that I had and has helped me find my voice."



Stacey van der Putten

"JOLT completely broke down the silos and we're much more cohesive as a team. We're more open, agile and braver in our communication. The change is sustained and the flow on effect of JOLT has been remarkable for us."  


Chris Rickards

"JOLT is the great leveler. It knocks down the barriers between team members, open doors and really molds the team. And importantly, JOLT is fun." 

ASB Bank

Anna Curzon

"What JOLT teaches you is that you are in control of your destiny. My people are performing better as a result and everyone in the team walked away a different person."


Asset Management 

JOLT is human, relevant and direct. In terms of business outcomes we have won more new business in the last 6 months than we have in the last 3 years.
— Martyn Masterson, Owner


JOLT is invaluable. We’ve seen a boost in collaboration and confidence and our values have really come to life.
— Tim Alpe, CEO

Chartered Accountants

JOLT is suitable for any company. It has been a phenomenal return of investment especially from a client’s point of view and a boost to staff morale.
— Atesh Bhej, Director