Mind Warriors was founded by Steve Hill and Wade Jackson.

Mind Warriors are dedicated to working with organizations that want to make a conscious difference to their people and to the planet. We believe organizations should be a place where people come to work because they want to, not because they have to. We are aware many people talk about the WHAT and WHY of cultural alignment and positive change – our focus is on the more difficult HOW TO piece.

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Steve Hill

My life philosophy is:

Be at peace with yourself & others.
Be curious and question what is.
Be open to your potentiality.
See the opportunity.

PS. remember to celebrate and have fun always!


Wade Jackson

My life philosophy is:

Have the courage to be yourself. 
Keep on moving. 
Be on purpose. 
Live, laugh, love.

And in the words of Bill & Ted, "Be excellent to each other and party on dudes!"

The JOLT Story

Steve and Wade first met in the Dojo as practitioners of Koryu Uchinadi, a style of classical Okinawan Kempo in 1996. Steve owned WebMedia, a multi-national new media company and Wade owned the Covert Theatre, a company specializing in world class improvisation training and performance. 

In 2002 they stopped trading punches and joined forces to design and deliver experiential learning programs in organizations. They observed many of the issues companies were struggling with - engagement, diversity, collaboration, leadership, value alignment and saw that the standard 1 to 2 day programs weren't creating lasting behavioral change. A major insight was the real need for a bespoke system that would make a difference to improving people's performance long-term. 

From 2004, they spent the next five years researching and developing a positive behavioral change system supported by an impressive academic advisory panel. In 2009 during the GFC they launched JOLT and spent the next five years getting teams and organizations excited by life-changing results. Now 10 years on, they have proved their robust JOLT system changes lives and transforms organizations. Apart from the global domination thing, their reason for being is: Better People, Better Planet.