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Company Merger 

- Kim Daji, Human Resources



There are so many reasons that we chose the JOLT Challenge. One of the key reasons was that it was focused on individuals, as well as building a stronger team through shared experience, common language and tools. The comprehensive nature of the JOLT Challenge also gives us the opportunity to focus on specific areas in the future and so to become one of the foundation stones to build the culture we desire. We also wanted something that signaled it wasn’t business as usual and it certainly did that!

Kim Daji - Human Resources


Following a merger of two firms and with a clearly articulated desire to create an exceptional firm, we started with defining the culture that would support our values and make it possible to "be exceptional".  We knew the directors and senior team had to lead the culture by doing the right things and by working together as a strong team. To be exceptional would require us to do things differently - business as usual isn't going to get us to exceptional.


We have identified a number of priorities and initiatives that will move us towards the firm we want to be. Once we had defined where we wanted to be and the culture we aspired to create, our two of our first priorities were to support the directors and senior team be the "individuals" and the "team" needed to create and lead this exceptional firm.


The biggest challenge was finding the right timing during the year to do the program - fourteen directors/senior staff to organize and attend as many of the eleven touch points of the program as possible was definitely a big challenge. We came up with a creative scheduling approach and then really just had to say “Yes, let’s!” – a very simple but powerful tool from JOLT we came to later realize.


The program has been a great success. The feedback from the individuals who attended the Challenge has been outstanding and the positive changes at a personal and team level are evident in the interactions and results (personally and professionally) that are being achieved.


The tools are being used and shared through the team.  We ran a JOLT Booster at our annual retreat which was received exceptionally well and they are now wanting more! We undertook an employee survey (through a third party) before and after the program and the results indicate an improvement across the key areas measured and overall employee engagement has improved.

The Stats

100% would recommend JOLT. 

80% of all participants felt like they have choices in life and can take positive action to address them. 

90% of all participants experienced an increase of collaboration as a result of JOLT.