Martyn Masterson, owner of Quadrent, is understandably very happy with what JOLT has delivered for his business. A year after putting his people through JOLT Challenge the return on investment for Quadrent has been independently calculated at 275% *.

“Within weeks of doing the JOLT Challenge our team pulled in some challenging clients and closed $800,000 worth of new business,” says Martyn.  “People might say that’s a coincidence. I don’t think so. The guys were speaking to each other at a whole new level.”

Quadrent is in the business of asset funding. 10 key team members in sales and management took on JOLT Challenge to meet large sales targets with relatively small human resource. Martyn says the transformation in his team was evident before they completed the entirety of the program.

“JOLT has been like the lubrication for the engine. We’re a great team but JOLT has been a critical part of taking us to that next level.
In brief JOLT has given all of our team a common language for managing conflict, being more open to new ideas, learning to listen while having more fun together and at the same time helping them become more aware of how their core values and beliefs affect their behaviours.”

So what improved?

After JOLT Challenge,  all Quadrent participants reported improvements in the following key areas:


·      Openness to ideas, critique and different perspectives.

·      Improved Self Intelligence (self awareness and self management)

·      Greater sense of trust and collaboration among JOLT Challenge participants

·      Openness to change and the ability to adapt.

·      Effective problem solving at work and improved communication.

·      Feeling they had choices in life and the ability to address them.

·      Better alignment with the organization’s values.

·      Increased energy levels

·      Ability to bust procrastination

·      Better emotional balance

What they said

Literally a mind opening experience… well researched... achievable.”

“I applied the training to both my professional and personal life with fantastic results”

“I enjoyed working through the program with my colleagues has given me a better understanding of the team I work with and what makes them tick.”

* ROI calculated using the Phillips ROI Methodology™