JOLT Enterprise

Train the Trainer for Organizations

This is for larger organizations who want to bring the JOLT system in-house and make high performance a part of their DNA. 

JOLT Challenge

Professional Program

This is for teams and smaller organizations who are looking to galvanize and take their performance to a whole new level. 

JOLT Challenge 

Personal Program

This is for the individual looking to create the life they truly desire so they can achieve their desired level of success and fulfillment. 

Our recommended roadmap

1. Culture Strategy

We work with you to determine where your team, division or organisation are currently positioned in relation to executing your strategy. We will then recommend a pathway forward.  


2. Culture Shift

This is the main intervention where we will facilitate the JOLT Challenge, the Self Intelligence foundation program and create a shared experience and shared language for positive change.  

3. Culture Sustain

Every organism requires sustenance to grow and your culture is no different. We work with you to ensure sustainable alignment for your culture. 

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