JOLT impacts teams and organizations  
in key areas of success

Change Agility & Resilience
Encouraging creative, agile teams that excel in changeable and high-speed environments. Providing tools to better manage themselves and others more elegantly, especially in challenging times.

Creativity & Innovation 
Setting a ‘Yes!’ mentality at work and the right environment to create market-leading products and services.

Communication & Leadership
JOLT creates better listeners and communicators. You’d be surprised what can be achieved to increase your people’s self-efficacy. Likewise the communication and self-management tools in JOLT encourage confident, effective leadership.

Diversity and Inclusivity 
Embracing diversity of thought, breaking down barriers and fostering trust. 

Self Intelligence 
Moving your people beyond self awareness to effective self management.

Optimizing your peoples’ physical, mental and emotional states of being to be more productive at work.

Engagement & Cultural Alignment
Optimizing the discretionary effort your people bring to projects and shifting their mindsets to know themselves so they can get on your bus. 

Cohesion & Collaboration
JOLT breaks down silos and fosters high trust environments where people understand that, while alone they may be building one pillar, together they are building a cathedral.