What happens on the 9 week JOLT Challenge?

During JOLT Challenge, what you know and understand about yourself will be safely challenged and extended through independent study, reflection and group learning under the guidance of an expert facilitator. You’ll read and reflect on your own 5 days a week for around 1 hour a day, from your JOLT book and Journal. 

Some days will require more time, some less, depending on the theme of the week. Once a week you'll discuss, play and embed what you discover at our 2 hour group JOLT workouts.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.
— Plato, Greek Philospher

Program Tools

Book & Journal

Weekly Workouts

Digital Assessment

Online Resources

The tools you’ll have for the program are the JOLT Challenge book and journal, weekly workouts, a digital assessment to track your progress and a library of online resources that you can unlock to support your Self Intelligence journey. 

Program Overview

The program begins with an intro session introducing the concept of Self Intelligence and an understanding of the roadmap ahead.  

The nine themes by week are:

How we grow, overcome barriers and can be more open to learning.

Your brain, your emotional brain and why we behave the way we do.

Nutrition, breathing, water, sleep, exercise and how they all play a role in your performance.

Experience cogent success strategies and discover what works, for you.

Your emotional barriers, happiness, optimism and desire.

A deeper look at your beliefs, your inner voice, your values and choice.

Stress alignment, peak performance, your driving need, self & belonging, structure & change.

Free yourself from judgemental thinking - you won’t be stuck for ideas again.

Based on your journey through JOLT Challenge you will create an achievable plan to live the life you want.