Aaron Steedman is a highly experienced therapeutic counsellor with foundational training in Narrative Therapy. For over 10 years he has worked in the Social Services sector where he specialises in facilitating Men’s Anger Management programmes and delivering community training in gender issues, understanding anger and positively relating.

When he’s not facilitating, Aaron’s practising yoga or training at the gym, juicing up some strange concoction, sipping on a great Alsace Gewürztraminer, being captivated by a new TED talks or hanging out with the people he loves.


Aaron says, “For me JOLT was fascinating and from day one I was surprised at how it gradually and steadfastly influenced my life in such positive ways. I see the JOLT process continually enhancing my life and the lives of others and I feel privileged to be able to share it with you.”

Annie Jiang’s mission is to improve individual effectiveness through designing and delivering customized learning solutions for people and organizations.

With degrees in both Business Administration and Education, Annie has successfully established her career in training and human resources management after her MBA program in China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

Working as Training Manager in multinational companies, Annie has a deep understanding about the challenges facing organizations, managers and individual contributors in business. As training consultant and a long-term solution provider, she has worked with more than a dozen satisfied Fortune 500 customers.



Bruce Ross is passionate about why we do the things we do and he’s spent his professional life studying the most practical ways to engage your untapped capability. 

As a facilitator Bruce specialises in leadership. He is trained to deliver several professional development programs including Advanced Appreciative Inquiry and MBA-level Leadership development. For the last *** years, Bruce has delivered the JOLT system to organisations and individuals looking for real and lasting behavioral change. 

Bruce says “JOLT is a system that has the unique combination of comprehensively immersive and yet highly accessible tools, strategies and experiences.”

Bruce is happily married with two adult daughters. He loves to play the guitar, to push himself at the gym and to give his time mentoring young people. 



Evie Ashton has a degree in feminist theory from Victoria University and is currently the Engagement & Brand Manager for JOLT, as well as a facilitator in JOLT Challenge.  She is a wife and a mother to two children and has been telling people’s stories in television and radio for the last 16 years working as a journalist, presenter, producer and director.

Evie says, “JOLT has been a part of my life since it was first conceived a decade ago.  The program is a comprehensive and honest look at who you are, what you do and what you want. For me the best part is the road map it gives you to actually make the changes you know you need to make.”

For the last five years, Evie has taken up PR and communications roles alongside her media work, specializing in low to no spend media strategies for not for profit organizations.


Geoff Simmons has been active in both corporate and public sector training for the last 14 years, working in New Zealand and overseas. Alongside his skills and interest in human development, Geoff is a writer and an economist and performs internationally in improvised comedy. In New Zealand he has co-authored a number of books with well-known Kiwi economist and social commentator, Gareth Morgan.

Geoff says, “I love taking complex ideas and getting them across in simple ways. It’s an approach that’s perfectly suited to the JOLT philosophy. This program is helping people to design their lives.” 


Kristy Meates

Lingzhu Pan has completed more than 10 years of image management programs, Image director of fashion branding & talk show guest for Hunan TV China etc.
She has travelled around the world learning from world-renowned authors and Masters, to create a system for her training course and programs for asian people.

As an executive coach focus Lingzhu focuses on Personal Branding Strategy, to support CEO, VC & professionals on image execution for media exposure, interviews and presentations. 

Manuela Klevisser is an Italian Croatian, feeling partly Kiwi too - lover of life and everything life has to offer. Her original education is an Engineering Diploma in Logistics but that was not her calling so she re-trained in the field of Personal Development making it her life purpose. Manuela became an NLP Practitioner and, after joining the JOLT team, she trained to become an accredited JOLT Ignite Trainer. She spent her career developing as an organiser, coordinator and trainer finding she could achieve more when applying the learnt skills on herself and her team, bringing about success and higher business results.

Michael Wang


Patrick Donelly is an experienced and passionate Business Trainer and Facilitator and Personal Development Coach.

For the past 18 years he has owned and operated Mentor Management, a Western Australian business consultancy specialising in training & development. As well as undertaking Consulting, Speaking and Training assignments throughout Australia, he has been involved in numerous national training implementations and specialist overseas assignments. Pat’s business background is diverse. He is an experienced General Manager, successful Sales Manager and a qualified Chartered Accountant. He has worked in both the public and private sectors and lectured at university in Marketing and Communications.


Peggy Lockyer, after representing NZ as a flat water canoeist in the late 80's early '90's embarked on an exciting career in education. Now as JOLT Facilitator and Director of Daisy Change Ltd I am able to use my skills, knowledge and expertise to work alongside others in Educational and Health and Wellness settings. Her personal end goal is always to make things better than they were before.