What will happen on JOLT Fuel?

JOLT Fuel unlocks the group genius in teams and organizations so you can solve your own commercial challenges. The best part is once we’ve shown you how, you have the tools do it all yourself.

Other programs in the world-leading JOLT system build Self Intelligence. JOLT Fuel our collaborative coaching program  focuses on group intelligence to promote a culture of creativity, diversity of thought, collaboration and resilience within teams and organizations.

JOLT Fuel has been specifically designed for organizations that want to encourage disruptive thinking and empower their people to find their own solutions together to resolve challenges quickly, creatively and effectively.

Program Tools

The tools you’ll have for the program are the JOLT Fuel Journal and a JOLT Reflections Notebook and pen. 

Program Results


·      Group Intelligence

·      Team cohesion and collaboration

·      Resilience

·      Detachment from barriers and increased choice

·      Creative thinking & higher performance.

·      Greater awareness of self and context

·      Generative Listening.

·      Higher trust environments.

·      Increased clarity with and alignment to team purpose.