What will happen on JOLT Ignite?

JOLT Ignite breaks the circuit on stuck thinking, giving you tools to better manage yourself, your emotions and behaviors. The program is designed to ignite your Self Intelligence and fire up your journey to clarity, choice and higher performance.

JOLT Ignite is a one-day holistic experience and part of the JOLT system. For teams, an expert JOLT Facilitator will make the program relevant to the specific competencies or issues you want your team to work on leads the program. Comfort zones will be extended in a fun and safe environment way.

Program Tools

The tools you’ll have for the program are the JOLT Ignite workbook an reflection notebook.

Program Results


·      Understand how Self Intelligence impacts The Big 3: Health, Wealth and Relationships

·      Increase your self-awareness, mindfulness and self-management (Self Intelligence)

·      Become more agile, resilient and creative

·      Work more effectively with others

·      Experience the value of deeper listening

·      Gain clarity around your personal values