At just 13 years old Guy discovered he had cancer.  He came through, and with the support of Canteen he experienced JOLT and discovered a whole new level of self-awareness and choice.

Vic Crone

Vic experienced JOLT Challenge as part of Global Women. As a leader in business she’s done a lot of further education but she says JOLT was different, because it truly embeds positive behavior.

Sue Fleischl

When Sue did JOLT Challenge her relationship had just ended, she was starting up her own venue and catering business and her only daughter had moved overseas. Then she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  JOLT was there to help give the clarity and tools she needed to cope.

Does any of the following apply to you?

I'm pursuing excellence.

My greatest relationship in life is with my computer.

I'm bored.

My life is changing dramatically.

I don't like the way I react to situations.

Stress is getting to me.

I just don't have work life balance.

I'm tired most of the time.

I want to be healthier, but it's hard.

I want purpose in my life.

I'm smoking (not in a good way)

I want more fun in my life.

I could win an academy award for procrastination.

Making decisions stresses me out.

I am unwell.

I don't like myself.

Then you need a JOLT!

JOLT Challenge will give you the JOLT you need. 

JOLT Challenge safely extends your comfort zone to get you on purpose, focusing on the Big 3:







It’s all about taking the time to open your mind, learn, reflect and discover. JOLT Challenge will help you create real and positive change in your life that lasts and that sort of change isn’t overnight. It takes 9 weeks, to be exact.

JOLT Programs available

JOLT Challenge is a 9week program. It’s called a ‘challenge’ because the program will extend your peoples’ comfort zones, safely, so they can maintain a high level of performance and amplify the clarity, direction and meaning in their lives and the productivity in your organization. 

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JOLT Ignite is a one-day holistic experience. The day is designed to ignite your Self Intelligence and fire up your journey to clarity, choice and higher performance. JOLT Ignite breaks the circuit on stuck thinking, giving you tools to better manage yourself, your emotions and behaviors.

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