ASB Bank

The JOLT Challenge programme is simply outstanding. The creators have managed to bring together the most comprehensive set of information, tools and activities for anyone who is serious about their personal growth and development.
— Michelle Maidens
JOLT Challenge is your chance to find out who you really are, not the ‘you’ that has been distorted by the influence of others (by your parents, siblings, teachers, partners, friends) or by your hitherto life and work experiences. JOLT Challenge leaves no stone uncovered in the quest to help you reveal to yourself what it is that you want from your life, and gives you a treasure trove of tools, tips and tricks to help you live the unlived life within you.
— Martin Stanbridge

BIZ Solutions

The whole 9 weeks has been relaxing and fun yet insightful sessions throughout. Virtually anyone from any background would find this JOLT Challenge enjoyable and worth the price. Highly recommended.
— Jae Won
A great program to put your life into perspective. The programme asks the difficult questions that I have tried to avoid in life and provides the tools to solve the questions/issues/difficulties of life. I now have a much better perception of my life – I am solely responsible for my life and my happiness – the choices I make, my actions and my response-ability. The programme has made a significant impact on my health, my work and my relationships. I have become a much better person.
— Pritesh Nand

BNZ Bank

A great course that opens up a different way of thinking and dealing with challenges. Would highly recommend to teams and individuals needing or wanting to change.
— Tony Lane
JOLT Challenge engenders trust within your team and really makes you think personally too.
— Martin Gaskell


JOLT makes you look at yourself (including all the ugly bits) and drives action which has a resounding effect on your work life, home life and your relationships at all levels.
— M.V
The JOLT Challenge is a great personal leadership course that re-energises and establishes a platform for growth in your business or career.
— Joanne McCrae


The JOLT Challenge provides a great range of tools to be more effective both at work and in your personal life. I have no doubt that I will reuse many of these tools and also find more that are relevant to me as time goes on.
— Michelle Cavanagh
My friends and family are blown away with the changes I have made since embarking on the JOLT Challenge, I am too. There are some amazing tools that will help you to improve the quality of your thoughts and actions in a multitude of life situations. Highly recommend it to anyone.
— Kevin Curran
The JOLT Challenge is a full on 9 week course it will stretch and challenge the way that you think and act. I believe everyone can not only gain improvements to their work and personal life but have more direction and self empowerment from taking part in this course.
— Debbie Tanner

IAG Australia

Taking the time to understand yourself will always pay off personally and professionally – for both you and your organisation. JOLT Challenge facilitates this in a safe and uplifting way, without once needing to hug a tree.
— Fiona Michael
JOLT Challenge is a hugely impacting program, particularly in terms of self-awareness around some of my strengths and inhibitors. I gained so many small tips along the way that when put together, have resulted in a remarkable difference to the way I think and act, resulting in a new and improved me.
— Christine Hutton

JUCY Rentals

I can’t say enough how much benefit we got as a result of getting our crew onto the JOLT program. People are our greatest asset and it is ideal that we have found a tool that helps our people develop both professionally and personally.
— Tim Alpe
JOLT is a program that can benefit everyone, even if you’re well developed in your own ‘Self intelligence’ you are guaranteed to learn more life changing tools - JOLT will take you out of your comfort zone, challenge patterns in your life and free your mind to achieve great things in your life - Trust me you won’t regret it!
— Kat Van Dijk
JOLT has definitely helped me to be a better leader, and a better listener. Its helped me to not stress the little stuff. With using some of the tools given to us in the course, in a job that throws curve balls by the hour- I can enter challenges with much more confidence and clear mind. Thank you JOLT, I owe you my sanity
— Rachel Greenwood


JOLT arrived at just the right time in my life – as a new mother returning to the workforce, JOLT helped me to focus my priorities and efforts to achieve the best outcomes for both my career and my family.
— Amella Fowler
This has been a wonderful and insightful journey and I feel I am definitely on the right path now to fulfill my dreams and have a positive impact on those I interact with both personally and at work. Thank you sincerely.
— Vina Hira


An unbelievable experience that has taught me to live in full, to love more, to care more, to be more creative and more focused, to be happier and be happy whenever I feel like it and to have an overall better life and better awareness of who I am and where to next. Thank you!
— Aksana Rusakova
Outstanding programme – if you have never been exposed to self awareness, then this programme will turn your life around. Be prepared for massive success in any area of your life!!
— Tony Pervan


Literally a mind opening experience premised on well researched data and inspirationally articulated and presented so that the learning’s imparted are ultimately achievable by all who desire self improvement.
— Tony Getley
I would 100% recommend the JOLT course to others - it does help you improve your life and relationships......(both work related and on a personal level) - we all need to be reminded sometimes of coping mechanisms and this can only enhance your day to day life......
— Wayne Adolph


I think all orgnaisations could benefit from undertaking JOLT. The collaboration alone brings value to businesses. For businesses experiencing great change it really is essential to break down the walls and embrace working as a team to met the objectives, JOLT is a great tool to aid this.
— Stacey van der Putten
I came out of this course feeling like I COULD take on the world should I choose to. I have increased self confidence, I feel more emotionally mature and I now have a life plan!
— Sarah Fleming

Westpac Bank

This challenge is able to be related to all facets of your life and not just directly to your work. Very practical applications to assist with stress and problem solving.
— Colin Smith
JOLT Challenge has allowed me to be focused in my job and my personal life. Also it has allowed me to break down challenges into bite sizes and in turn reduce stress. Furthermore my confidence has increased dramatically.
— Ray Mulligan
It’s not very often that your work place allows you to personally grow with a chance that this may provide additional employment benefits. JOLT Challenge has allowed me to become more engaged at work and a better life balance. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
— Lance Riesterer

William Buck Christmas Gouwland

JOLT personalized our work environment and brought a human element to the organization, which is wonderful.
— Kim Daji
I think JOLT is very freeing and has work and life implications. Striving to be happy in life is an interesting challenge and happier people make more things possible. JOLT has made me braver, less afraid of failure and more enthusiastic about everything
— Ali
The JOLT challenge has provided a common platform for our newly merged business, and given us a bolt of energy
— Darren Wright

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