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Culture Alignment

- Becky Riley, HR Manager 



Everything we do here at JUCY is centered around our Culture. Our culture is key to creating an engaged and productive workforce, which contributes to the success of JUCY today and our future.

Based on their track record, we were confident that by choosing the JOLT system the importance of our values would not only be reinforced but, an awareness of our actions and behaviours would also be strengthened.


The JOLT Challenge at JUCY was made up of New Zealand based employees predominately our leadership team and other key roles within the Group at varying position levels, ages and relatively new players. From the outset the team bonded very quickly, and there was a strong sense of trust and respect, which was only strengthened over the 9-week challenge. Every participant gained from their experience either with individual or collectively shared views and at all times a supporting environment was provided to share and explore these experiences resulting in us embracing our diversity.


Our people continue to use the tools and strategies learnt in their personal and professional lives as a result of the JOLT experience. Key outcomes have included improved relationships both in the workplace and at home with partners and children, a better work life balance, the ability of overcome personal challenges, handle stress and conflict situations.

 The JOLT trainer who facilitated the Challenge very quickly understood our culture and did an exceptional role in bringing us together and optimize the JOLT experience. We would highly recommend JOLT to anyone both for personal and professional development. 

My passion for JUCY has grown immensely and as a result my communications with team members has a much more positive spin on all things JUCY. JOLT Challenge has changed my life. THANK YOU.
— Tony Clayton
My attitude to JUCY has changed as signing us up to do this great course, management have shown an interest in our personal development and growth as people and I have never experienced this with JUCY before. It makes you feel much more valued. As a group it has brought us closer together and that has a positive affect on our working relationships.This program was definitely the JOLT I needed to make some changes in my life!
— Abi Bennett