What we look for in a Licensee

These are our non-negotiables

Experience: Proven track record in training industry

Purpose: Value aligned

Personal Attribute: Honesty & integrity

Behavior: Purpose driven and fun to work with

Knowledge: Business acumen

We love enthusiastic people who have energy and are fun. We love people who are passionate about developing people and are experienced in the training industry. You need to be in a position to focus on growing your business and want to be involved in something that is life-changing for those who do it and contributes positively to your community.

You will require your facilitators to be accredited in the programs you choose. Facilitation requirements

Become a Licensee

Be a part of the Mind Warriors International business community that is dedicated to its purpose of helping people, teams and organisations around the world thrive.
Our dedicated Licensees are helping people all over the world increase their Self Intelligence through our JOLT programs. People are having life changing experiences and are living more consciously. As a result they lead better family lives and are more engaged in the workforce as a leader or staff member. 


Our offer to you

• Do you want to be a part of something that positively contributes to the society you live in?

• Do you want to help organizations operate more consciously and efficiently?

• Do you want to make a massive difference to people’s lives?

• Do you want to do that as a business?

• Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Value to your Business

Gain competitive advantage

Extending life time value of your customers

Deliver the most progressive programs globally

Broaden your value proposition to your customers

Capitalise on the trends of Mindfulness, Conscious Business, Self Awareness, Holistic Wellbeing

Global Distributor

Stephen H. Covey

E: stephenh@smcov.com

“We’re very excited to be taking JOLT to the world. It’s the best system on the international market when it comes to aligning culture and strategy sustainably within organizations. I’ve never seen a learning process take so many different parts, bring them together and make them so effective.”
— David Covey, CEO, SMCOV

JOLT Principle Licensor


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Auckland 1446, New Zealand
Ph:+64 21 930 637