JOLT Facilitation

It is our JOLT Facilitators that makes JOLT so special.

Everyone who has become an accredited JOLT facilitator has called it life changing and you'll never find a training system that is so much fun to deliver.

What our facilitators need to be


Efficient – be able to follow process and time guides

Effective – be able to manage individuals and group dynamics well

Empathic – be able to connect with people and create a safe learning environment

Energetic – be dynamic, real and role model Self Intelligence    

Experienced – have credibility and confidence in their delivery

However the most important attribute of a JOLT Facilitator is authenticity – their ability to walk the talk when it comes to the nature of the content. You must be passionate about personal and professional development and must be an experienced trainer, facilitator or coach.

What does it involve?

JOLT Challenge

All JOLT Facilitators have to experience JOLT Challenge for themselves and then partake in a rigorous 5-day intensive Facilitator program. Following that they must pass a written and practical assessment before they are able to deliver JOLT.  That way, all our clients know they’ll have a quality experience when doing JOLT.

JOLT Ignite

All JOLT Facilitators have to experience JOLT Ignite for themselves and then partake in a one day intensive Facilitator program.