Our Story

The two co-founders of Mind Warriors International, Steve Hill and Wade Jackson created JOLT. They first met in a dojo as sparring partners in 1998 and very quickly discovered they shared a vision of better people, better planet.

Since he was 19 Steve has been studying human consciousness and development. His career later rocketed in startup digital technology after he co-founded WebMedia, expanding the company to a multi-national business across Australia, Asia and the US within 4 years.

Wade worked and studied internationally in the performing, healing and martial arts and was already delivering components of corporate people development programs. 

The pair became Mind Warriors Ltd. and in 2009, after spending five years researching, exploring and refining the best in people development globally, they created JOLT Challenge, a pioneering and holistic approach to human development.

For the next six years they delivered their ground breaking program as Mind Warriors Ltd., getting individuals, teams and organizations excited by their life-changing results.

11 years on from the Dojo, Steve and Wade’s robust JOLT system is changing lives and transforming organizations.