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High Performance

The need

Potentia is a fast growing SME who specialise in IT Recruitment. They are a high-performing team and were looking to develop their people and help get them to the next level of performance. As a SME who proactively develops their people, they saw JOLT Challenge as the next logical step in helping them achieve their lofty goals. 

The results

The following are deemed to be noticeable and substantial impacts by the participants as a direct result of JOLT Challenge

  • 100% felt that they have a better Self Intelligence and better self awareness
  • 100% felt like that had choices in life and could take positive action to address them
  • 100% of the participants would recommend JOLT Challenge

What Potentia Says

We saw a rise in collaboration and billings. People also seemed less stressed. Explicit comments from the team showed that there was a substantial impact in productivity and ‘peak performance’ culture, in the sense of trust within the team and increased effectiveness of communication among team members’ who now have a different ways of thinking and communicating. I recommend this experience for anyone wanting to take their team’s performance to the next level.
— Josh Comrie, Managing Director
It’s an eye opening experience! So positive and hugely useful to enhance everyday life.
— Vanessa Thomson, Office Manager
Outstanding program - if you have never been exposed to self awareness, then this program will turn your life around. Be prepared for massive success in any area of your life!!
— Tony Pervan, Recruitment Consultant
An unbelievable experience that has taught me to live in full, to love more, to care more, to be more creative and more focused, to be happier and be happy whenever I feel like it and to have an overall better life and better awareness of who I am and where to next. Thank you!
— Aksana Rusakova, IT Recruitment Consultant