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Cultural Alignment

- Martyn Masterson, Owner


What were Quadrent's needs and goals around cultural alignment?

To be blunt I was very dubious about “another personal development course”. Over the years I have been involved with a number of PD courses, which either try to categorize people into boxes or were so emotively motivational that they blow out of steam faster than they create it. As the owner of a small organization I also felt that we had a strong team who were culturally aligned so another course was going to add little or no value.  I was wrong.

Why did you select our system?

We selected it upon listening to one of the co-founders presentation on JOLT. The balanced approach that it takes to providing tools to enable people to become more self-aware appealed. One of my favourite quotes is  “the meaning of life is the meaning you give it.” For your life to have relevance and impact on others you first need to learn how to be aware of yourself and how you direct and control that complex organism that is your brain.

What was the approach you took and why?

I wanted this to become something we did “for” our people not “to” them.  In saying this it became quite clear to me that JOLT would bring benefits to both the business and the individuals themselves. Whilst the business was completely happy to cover the cost, a conversation with a colleague who recently sold his company saw him make the observation about how much more invested his team became after they bought shares. We adopted this approach and the told the staff that we would commit to JOLT but only if we agreed to do this as a team unanimously and if that were the case then each participant was asked to contribute a small portion of the cost. 

The outcome: a unanimous decision and an extremely high level of engagement from an invested group of people.

What were the challenges you overcame?

After taking the approach we did in getting everyone’s commitment there were no real challenges  – just making sure up front we committed to a fixed time every week for the work out sessions and making personal time to do the pre-reading and exercises as well.

What were the results and business benefits to Quadrent and some of the feedback?

The above may make it sound like our experience with JOLT was negative. Quite the contrary, in terms of business outcomes we have won more new business in the last 6 months than we have in the last 3 years. Theoretically, business and organizations exist because 2 people with different skills, shared values and a common goal can achieve more together than they can on their own. It is not lost on me though that when the headcount increases beyond 2 that politics, personal agenda and miscommunication begin eroding the theoretical nirvana.

JOLT has given all of our team a common language for managing conflict, being more open to new ideas, learning to listen while having more fun together and at the same time helping them become more aware of how their core values and beliefs affect their behaviours.

The tools provided each week also provide simple exercises to help every member find new pathways of perspective so that they can achieve the right outcomes. This is one of the best courses I have done. It is human, relevant and direct. I highly recommend JOLT to anyone – even your children.

The Stats

100% recommend JOLT.

100% have better Self Intelligence.

100% feel more open to ideas, critique and offer different perspectives.

90% feel they're more open and adaptive to change.