JOLT Programs available

JOLT Ignite is a one-day holistic experience. The day is designed to ignite your Self Intelligence and fire up your journey to clarity, choice and higher performance. JOLT Ignite breaks the circuit on stuck thinking, giving you tools to better manage yourself, your emotions and behaviors.

JOLT Challenge is a 9week program. It’s called a ‘challenge’ because the program will extend your peoples’ comfort zones, safely, so they can maintain a high level of performance and amplify the clarity, direction and meaning in their lives and the productivity in your organization. 

JOLT Fuel is a collaborative coaching program that unlocks the group genius in teams and organizations so you can solve your own commercial challenges. The best part is once we’ve shown you how, you have the tools do it all yourself.

Want JOLT in your organization but need to convince the boss? 

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