JOLT Discovery 

The co-design of the Culture Strategy includes the JOLT Diagnostic and Lighthouse Workshop with key stakeholders.

It provides an outside-in perspective on the landscape of the organization and creates a rollout strategy unique for your organization.   

 JOLT Challenge®

Bootcamp for the mind!
The award-winning program with 11 weekly onsite workouts that follow the SET methodology

Train The Trainer (T3) – For organizations that want to license the system internally and have your own accredited Trainers. 

JOLT C1 Premium Coaching – 
Internationally certified coaches help the leaders going through JOLT Challenge to navigate their way to be a role model for authentic and inspirational leadership.

JOLT Ignite – The short, sharp 1-day intensive workout that is your mini-JOLT Challenge. 

JOLT Central

Different ways of progressing your Self Intelligence development.  

JOLT Central – The online community for Alumni to add to their toolkit and for those looking for daily motivation and a place to be inspired.

JOLT Self – Team led JOLT workouts for those who have completed JOLT Challenge that keep the Self Intelligence learning alive.

JOLT Boosters – The deep dive workouts led by an accredited JOLT Challenge trainer that focus on a specific topic tailored to the needs of the team/organization. 

JOLT C3 – Peer coaching sessions where team members present and examine work-related issues to gain better insight for better practice.  

JOLT Connect – The community JOLT workouts where like-minded people come together to enhance their lives. 

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