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Organizations are made up of teams and business units, which are made up of people so ultimately, creating a high performance culture starts in the individual's mind.

A Self Intelligent organization is made up of empowered individuals who flourish, creating the environment required for an efficient, profitable and conscious culture.

For the individual

When an individual’s thinking, feeling and behavior are aligned to the organization’s vision, values and strategy, it gives them meaning and purpose to their every day activities.

For the organization

When there is high trust, people are open in their communication, resulting in collaboration and creative solutions. These are the building blocks for a high performance organization that is financially successful fulfilling a greater purpose in the community.  


Organizations have different needs and the JOLT System has been used to help in these eight areas.

These areas are all measured with the JOLT Diagnostic based on the Self Intelligence Continuum.

  1. Cultural alignment – getting clarity of purpose and strategy across the entire organisation.
  2. Leadership – inspiring leaders to create the right environment for their teams to flourish.
  3. Change agility – creating agile teams excelling in this changeable, high-speed business environment.
  4. Engagement – maximizing productivity through increasing discretionary effort.
  5. Collaboration – fostering a high trust environment with open communication.
  6. Team development – embracing diversity of thought so everyone feels safe to contribute.
  7. Innovation – setting the environment to create market-leading products and services.
  8. Well-being – developing the resilience to deal with adversity and enhance personal performance.

JOLT System  |  True Alignment  |  It's Time  |  Get JOLT  |  System Products  |  Secret Formula