What will happen on JOLT Challenge?

· There are 9 themed weeks on JOLT Challenge that are all about you, your brain, your body and your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 

· Five days a week you’ll have 10 mins to 1hour of reading and reflecting to do in your own time, in your JOLT Book and JOLT Journal.

· Once a week you’ll get together with other people on JOLT Challenge (no more than 19 others), for a 2 hour JOLT Workout.  The Workout is guided by an expert JOLT Facilitator. Nobody sweats in our workouts, unless laughter really heats you up. 

· Your Facilitator will mentor and guide you through the Workouts for a thought-provoking, safe and fun experience to give you a deeper understanding of yourself and the tools to create a life you love.

· Every workout begins and ends with a guided meditation.

· In the Workouts you’ll do some stuff that feels like playing, because it is. As Plato said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation”. Make no mistake you’ll be learning, and sharing (if you want to).


The Workouts and the JOLT reading and reflecting are unique to our system of personal change. They are the key to our holistic approach to your happiness, wellness, success and Self Intelligence.